Everybody who is interested in widely understood issues of proper names is kindly invited to join the Polish Onomastic Society.

According to the Statute the Membership of the Polish Onomastic Society is available to everybody (regardless of his/her state citizenship or place of residence) who carries out scientific, general-public-oriented, educational, creative or publishing activities concerning proper names or is interested in issues of proper names.

Membership is available to every adult person who:

  • knows the Society’s Statute and agrees to keep to its articles,
  • is willing to achieve the Society’s aims and goals,
  • has provided the Society’s Board with a written declaration of membership,
  • has been accepted and enrolled by the Board by means of a Board resolution.

The annual membership fee is 100 PLN, as decided by the Founding Meeting.

As decided by the General Assembly of 26 September 2020 (General Assembly Resolution No. 3/2020 of 26 September 2020) students and PhD students are required to pay reduced annual membership fee (50 PLN).

Becoming a Mamber

1. Download the declaration of membership (in Polish)

2. Please send the filled in and signed declaration of membership (in the traditional paper form) to:

Polskie Towarzystwo Onomastyczne
al. Mickiewicza 31
31-120 Kraków

or deliver it personally to any member of the Board. PLEASE NOTE: In the Declaration of membership please give BOTH your postal address (traditional mail) AND your e-mail address.

3. After sending the filled in declaration of membership by post, please briefly inform the Board about it by sending an email to

4. Once your membership has been accepted by the Board, you will receive an email with a membership confirmation. The email will be sent to your email address provided by you in your declaration of membership.