Nominarium (26 May 2022) I. M. Nick, Hunting Sarah and Israel: The Role Played by Onomastic Name Policies in Engineering the Shoah

By | 13 May 2022

26th May 2022, 6 PM (CEST, Warsaw time)

Professor I. M. Nick (Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics)

Hunting Sarah and Israel: The Role Played by Onomastic Name Policies in Engineering the Shoah

Abstract: Before the National Socialist (NS) murderous regime issued the edict requiring all persons of Jewish descent to wear the infamous Yellow Star, discriminatory onomastic legislation was passed which allowed the NS administration to systematically identify, isolate, torture, and annihilate Jewish men, women, and children on an industrial scale.  During this lecture, detailed information about the development and implementation of these name policies will be presented.  The presentation will conclude with a brief discussion of the ways in which personal names have been used to perpetrate modern-day acts of genocide.

Professor I. M. Nick is a US American onomastic scholar and Holocaust researcher. She holds a PhD in English Linguistics (University of Freiburg: Germany), a MA in German Linguistics (University of Washington-Seattle: USA), a BA in German Language and Literature (University of Maryland: USA),  a BSc in Clinical and Social Psychology (University of Maryland: USA), and a MSc in Forensic and Investigative Psychology (University of Liverpool: UK). In the Summer of 2010, she was awarded the German post-doctoral degree, the Habilitation, for her research in English Linguistics. She is the President of the Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL), the Past President of the American Name Society (ANS), and the current Editor-in-Chief of NAMES, one of the world’s oldest and foremost scholarly journals for onomastic research.  Her most recent publication examines the naming policies of the Nazis during and after the Holocaust: Personal Names, Hitler, and the Holocaust: A Socio-Onomastic Study of Genocide and Nazi Germany (ISBN: 978-1498525978).

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