Nominarium (16.12.2021) / Katalin Reszegi: Cognitive approach in onomastics

przez | 6 grudnia 2021

16 December 2021 r., 1:00 PM CET (Warsaw time)

Katalin Reszegi, University of Debrecen, Department of Hungarian Linguistics

Cognitive approach in onomastics

The cognitive approach and the frameworks of cognitive linguistics appeared practically in the 2000s in onomastic studies. Contrary to the short period of time, cognitive onomastics achieved remarkable results, that demonstrate that the cognitive approach can be used effectively in several areas of onomastics, and it can offer a solution to some questions of name research, that cannot be answered satisfactorily by formal approaches (e.g. the semantics of proper names, the problem of the status of the names which are formed from geographical common nouns etc.). Besides, applying the cognitive view new directions of research are opened up for scholars working with names, i.e. such aspects of name giving and name usage may be analyzed that have not appeared in onomastic research before (e.g. the relationship between cognitive maps and toponyms). In my paper, I overview how the cognitive approach is used in onomastic research and consider the perspectives of cognitive onomastics.

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